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Welcome to MyHomeChoiceFyldeCoast Choice Based Lettings Scheme.

It is run by a partnership of six housing providers and three local authorities.  The partners are Blackpool Coastal Housing, Blackpool Council, Fylde Borough Council, Great Places Housing Group, Muir Group, Progress Housing Group, Regenda and Wyre Borough Council.  This is known as a sub-regional choice based lettings scheme.


In order to apply for housing with MyHomeChoiceFyldeCoast you need to meet certain eligibility criteria.  If you fail to meet the eligibility criteria the system will not allow you to proceed.  To find out if you qualify please read the policy in the publications section.  If you disagree with the decison being made around eligibility you have the right to request a review, please refer to the policy in the publications section for full details.

Application Process

Please note the application process is in TWO parts

  • Part one - Provide details of your household
  • Part two - Provide details of your housing circumstances

You must complete both parts of the application until you reach the final page and "submit" your application.

Do you want to live in a brand new property?

Blackpool Coastal Housing have a range of properties available to rent.  Please click on "New Development" to find out more.




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